Opening Remarks

This blog, like many a teenage pregnancy, was completely unanticipated and unplanned. For reasons which elude me I have logged onto this web host and, after following a few simple steps, have given birth to this site which I call “Cranky Doctor.”

This is a complete departure from the way I normally do things. As my residency program director, The Big C, was fond of saying, “a good emergency physician thinks several steps ahead and anticipates problems before they have a chance to arise. He should not only have Plan A in mind, he should also have a Plan B and C ready as back-ups.”  Thus I have been specifically trained to think ahead and act on a plan instead of reacting to events as they unfold. And as Mrs. Cranky (who is not at all cranky herself) likes to point out, I’m the kind of person who will not so much as wipe his nose without having first thought the matter through.

As a result of this departure from my usual modus operandi, I would like to beg your forgiveness in advance; I really don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to this whole blog thing. If I should violate any of the sacred tenants of blog etiquette as I put my thoughts to keyboard I would appreciate a nice, civil e-mail notifying me of my transgression. I can be reached at Nothing snotty please, and expletives are definitely frowned upon.  I hear enough of those from my work environment. I’ll figure it all out eventually, I promise.

And with these opening remarks out of the way, let the adventure begin . . .

About Dr. Cranky

Dr. Cranky is a residency-trained, board-certified emergency physician who has been fighting in the trenches of American medicine for far too long. Each day he tries to stay one step ahead of burnout. Despite his best efforts, burnout seems to be closing in fast.
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